San Francisco Stage

San Francisco Stage

Main Stage: 

With nearly 2200 square feet of open floor space, our stage is perfect for every type of shoot, from talking heads to large scale set productions. Perfect for larger sets or large fashion shoots, the studio is nearly 1800 feet of open floor space. A cover the runs 26 feet on one wall, with a rounded corner, and runs 45 feet down another wall. This Cyc can accommodate large sets, cars, even trucks or perhaps the occasional elephant. Directly accented to the street level load in door, this studio is far more convenient than the studios located up 3 flights of stairs. This also saves an incredible amount of time, which in turn equates to a huge savings in expense on crew load in time as compare to actual shoot time. And with our custom special “Anytime Daylight” lighting system, you can not only position the daylight right where you want to, but you can now shoot more than 6 hours a day, and the entire shoot will have a very consistent look and exposure. When you need to go even bigger, the staging area/art gallery opens right into the studio, making it perfect for a multiple set shoot, or even a shoot that requires both video and still capabilities.

Staging Area:

Small, but superbly efficient; the 4th Street staging area was created but by an award-winning product photographer to make your set up and product shoot run as smoothly as possible. This studio includes a custom designed shooting table that allows for height adjustments as well as angle adjustments. The large heavy duty table rolls easily on wheels and is also convertible to a 4 x 4 light table.

Make-up Room:

The make-up room is directly off the main stage; easily used for make-up and wardrobe. It also has an adjacent bathroom with shower for the times when the celebrities require a fresh look before and/or after the shoot. The make-up room has seen the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Stone, RuPaul, Robin Williams, and others.


Gas stove, comfort, fridge. What else can you say about a kitchen? It is also set up for craft services, but if that is not on the menu, 4th Street Studios is surrounded by numerous great restaurants that we order from on a regular basis. We can help with the food and drinks, or hire one of the wonderful craft service people from our vast resource list.

Load-In / Workshop 

One of the most desirable features of the 4th Street Studios is the easy street level access right on 4th Street.  No running up and down stairs or waiting for elevators. No turning sharp corners with overloaded cases of equipment. Just pull right in off of the street through the 10×10 roll-up, then through the double sound doors right onto the main stage. When you need a workbench for a small repair on a prop or the like, the small but convenient workshop is right there.

Producers Suite:

A private escape for the producer or client to handle administrative tasks or personal calls.  Convenient video feeds are pre-run into the producer’s suite from our staging area for live viewing.

Client Lounge:

We describe it as contemporary comfort. Perfect for working on your own details while the shoot is progressing, or relaxing between takes. Intimate, and well conceived. The lounge is the place to work or just hang out. Either way, you can view the shoot through the double pane sliding doors.


Clients feel pampered in our dual conference and dinning area.

Equipment Room:

Hidden and out of the way, our clean and organized equipment room has the little extras you may need for lighting and grip.  Clients who use our preferred gaffers are allowed open access to certain gear at no extra charge.