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JUNE 2nd – Thursday

Demo’s and Workshops 1:00-4:00

Registration is required for entrance. Click HERE



Starting at 1:00




For all those gaffers and lighting enthusiasts out there who have been waiting for the right professional LED lighting system to come to market, FLOLIGHT now has it. Here is your chance to see their new LED lighting system, as well as their highly acclaimed fluorescent lighting packages, in person. FLOLIGHT will host a special lighting workshop showing off their great systems at the 4th Street Studios on June 2. 4th Street Studios will begin rental and sales of Flolight gear so you’ll have the ability to try before you buy.

These lights work great for both still and video. And if you need to do both in the same shoot, there is no better system to acquire than the FLOLIGHT system.

· Professional Quality, High CRI, Video Lights

· Accurate 5600K, 3200K or BiColor

· Flicker-Free Fluorescent Lights

· Complete Video Lighting Kits

· http://www.flolight.com/


Prompter People will demonstrate their cost effective line of TelePrompTers. Why rent teleprompters? Prompters are the fastest payback of any video equipment with a return on your purchase price in just 2 to 4 usages. Prompter People prompters adjust quickly to any camera size and type and setup almost instantly. 4th Street Studios will be offering Prompter People teleprompters for rent and sale so you can literally try before you buy.

· Models from iPhone size to 24inch studio models
· Includes both Mac and PC software
· Ultra high quality HD glass for pristine images
· Available in kits with a variety of hard and soft cases



1:00pm to 4:00pm



Keeble & Shuchat Photography will be featuring new camera and lighting gear to accessorize your DSLR to get the best out of your Hi Def video shoots. Come see what you can do with your Canon camera. Then get some great prices on your next purchase.

First Camera’s production team has an advantage…our equipment inventory. This inventory, ranging from DVcam to HD, allows us to tailor make each production to meet a specific budget. Creative ideas mixed with the right technology!
Will be demoing some of the great equipment we keep on hand for your productions. Drop by and take a look.

At DTC Grip & Electric, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and selection in the industry. We have one of the largest rental inventories outside of Hollywood, offering the latest and best equipment available, and our top-notch maintenance department ensures optimum performance and reliability. Our staff of professionals work in the industry, so we understand every aspect of your production’s needs and schedules. We’re where you need us, when you need us.



Valuable services we can all use will be here during the daytime Open House.



If you love photography and need excellent fine art prints, LightSource is the right place!
We offer the best drum scans from your camera film available anywhere. If you’re an artist,
we also offer exceptional hi-res digital captures of your original artwork. Get your first print special in the SWAG bag at the ReAnimation Gala


MStock Conceptual Stock Photography. – Where M is for Mutual.
We are small, but growing. We are dedicated to mutually benefit both the photographer and the client. We start with some very unique images. For the photographer, we make it easy to become a member without having to supply 1000 images. Do you have just one great image? Let’s take a look. But the best part is, we pay up to 50% commission on the sale. Who does that anymore?

VelcroGallery Velcro Gallery is a new type of micro gallery, located in the creative and motivating SOMA district of San Francisco. We were created by an artist, for artists. So we put the ART and the ARTIST first. You couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere and location to show or view artwork, because our micro gallery is seated inside of one of the coolest commercial video and photo studios in San Francisco.



June 2nd – Thursday

Open House, workshops, equipment demos 1:00 to 4:00pm



560 4th Street

San Francisco, CA 94107



Sign-Up Here

We look forward to seeing you at the ReAnimation Gala


Questions? Give us a buzz…

Robin Allen
Studio Manager
4th Street Studios





We would also like to thank and promote the Larksbur Hotel in Mill Valley.

After an adventurous day exploring the bustling city of San Francisco or the beautiful outdoors of Marin County, relax by the outdoor pool under a private cabana. Borrow a bike from our Bike Center and pedal along the nearby bike paths or roast marshmallows around our outdoor fire pit. Or stay in with the family and watch a DVD from our movie library in one of our newly redesigned guestrooms. Featuring modern, convenient and thoughtful services and amenities designed to keep you comfortable, well rested and entertained, Larkspur Hotel Mill Valley provides the ideal home base for those looking to experience the vast playground that is the San Francisco Bay Area.

160 Shoreline Highway · Mill Valley · CA 94941 · T: 415.332.5700



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Perfect Pages LLC has been serving the Bay Area since 1989. We’re dedicated to helping all media to attain ADA compliance by making the spoken word visible. We offer affordable transcription and closed-captioning services and are now launching our new real-time/live captioning service. Be sure to stop by and check out our live captioning demonstration during the Open House, and ask us about how to receive your first 15 minutes of real-time/live captioning FREE when you book an event!

Perfect Pages LLC

Phone: 510-763-7875
484 Lake Park Ave., #475, Oakland, CA 94610

· T: 415.332.5700

FOR APA Members:


Those who wish to attend the APA “Know It of Blow It” seminar, but don’t want to miss out on all these great demo’s and the fun party, You are welcome to arrive early for the demo’s, 12:30. Just give us a heads up by e-mailing Robin – Robin@4thststudios.com

Of course, you can still drop by during the break in the seminar to come to the party and have some fun. APA break is from 5:30 to 7:00pm, so come on by.

More on the APA event: Know It or Blow It



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