A More Intuitive Teleprompter

DWB Media setting up the teleprompter


Doug Broomfield from Veeple saw a recurring problem with his corporate presenters.  Unless you’re an industry professional, most people are not accustomed to reading scrolling text.  Training talent on set can add tension and delay filming. He saw this phenomenon over and over, even with experienced presenters who don’t have teleprompter training.

What to do? First, he identified a presentation tool everyone knows how to use. That would be PowerPoint, by a long shot. But teleprompter software doesn’t recognize PowerPoint. Broomfield devised a brilliant workaround. He discovered that by using the mirror feature of a Hall Research SC-VGA-2B device, you  can flip the signal going to the teleprompter.  The scrolling text is replaced by a familiar PowerPoint presentation. The text displays page by page instead of scrolling. Depending on the situation, the prompter operator will turn the pages, or even the presenter can turn the pages, making a seamless presentation.

Broomfield has seen many advantages to using this technique. Ease in front of the camera is a huge advantage. Experienced presenters don’t even need a script. They can talk to the camera with their own PowerPoint presentation right in front of them. Another advantage is  the presenter can rehearse at home, in their office, or even on the airplane using their smart phones. They arrive on set far better prepared to start filming straightaway.

Veeple’s client today is iCONECT, the e-discovery company for law firms and attorneys. Thanks to Doug Broomfield’s teleprompter/PowerPoint technique, the filming went smoothly and they even wrapped early!

More about Veeple at http://www.veepleformarketers.com

More about iCONECT at http://www.iconect.com/


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