A new Buddy at 4th Street Studios

We’re delighted to present Buddy, the star of this week’s news at 4th Street Studios. Buddy was the guest of honor at today’s Post Office Editorial production for EMC. Buddy is usually camera shy but he got so absorbed in watching director Steve Kallick he forgot about the camera.

Click! We captured him unaware.  Thanks to Jake Kallick, Buddy’s big brother, for persuading Buddy to sit quietly long enough for us to get the shot.

Today’s production is a sequel to the inventive greenscreen video shot here last October to introduce EMC’s Documentum Mobile app for the iPad. Andi Alfonso represented EMC at both shoots, and we were happy to see her again.

The characters in the video were office workers in various settings–on the beach, on a snowy mountain, skydiving and scuba diving. At 4th Street Studios the actors did all their work on green screen in offbeat costumes.  The exotic locales and FX were created later by Post Office Editorial.

Today’s production was much more subdued, with just one model and two props: a couch and an office chair. Can’t wait to see the video! It’s bound to be as highly imaginative as the earlier one.

Richard Favaro, one of our pre-qualified gaffers, did the beautiful even lighting required by the script. Favaro can light any space to the most exacting specs.

Want to know more? Here are the links.

Post Office Editorial www.postoffed.com

EMC www.emc.com

Richard Favaro (415) 459-7500 rdfavaro@comcast.net

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