Artist Reception for Jeff Del Nero

Reception for Artist Jeff Del Nero – Paintings and Prints


C.D. Release Party for Dan Curcio w/opening act Natalie Hawkins

Artist Reception for Two nights – Feb. 16th & 17th. Beings at 6:00pm

560 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Registration required at the door for the artist reception.
Free bottle of wine and C.D. for paid tickets to the C.D. Release party.




ABOUT THE ARTIST:Born in Northern California in a rural area inland from San Francisco, Jeff Del Nero has always been interested in the images and sensibilities of the laborer, and common worker. Even more specifically the agricultural laborer, focusing on sowing seed, and harvesting fruit.

Since his one man show in 1983, ʻAgriculture: Laborers & Landscapesʼ, this has been an essential and driving theme in his work.
Del Nero arrived in Southern California to attend Art Center College of Design, His intent was commercial art, but his love prevailed when he decided to focus his energy to painting the images that were personally compelling for him.
Over the last five years Jeff has been included in some important group shows, such as ʻHeroes, Heroines, idols and Iconsʼ, at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, curated by Norman Lloyd.
When looking at Jeffʼs work take your time and enjoy the subtleties, because this work unfolds slowly and methodically. Many times the second or third viewing will begin to deliver on the hidden harmonies of our human condition he seeks to explore.
I am working on a series of paintings symbolically depicting different eras of labor, from manual labor and industrial labor and now with technological labor.

All have the theme of and about “the curse” taken from Genesis 3, verse 19 – “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”




Singer / Song Writer Dan Curcio

opening for Dan will be Natalie Hawkins

Presented by  SLO Down Wines

in association with RockbridgeProductions and 4th Street Studios

This promises to be a great event with the emotionally driven music of Dan Curcio.
Learn more about Dan:

And hear some of his music: DanOnYouTube


Natalie Hawkins is another talented performer who is on her way to stardom:

Hear it here:  NatalieOnYouTube


Tickets to the great event include a free bottle of wine form SLO Down Wines, & a C.D. of Dan’s new release, “Bonfire”.

Get your tickets now at:




Private Artist Reception begins at 6:00pm
requires separate registration at the door.

At the Velcro Gallery, inside of 4th Street Studios

560 4th Street San Francisco, Ca 94107

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