Bromium In The News

Security startup Bromium destroys malware

It’s a great morning when you open the newspaper and find a story about an exciting new technology–especially when we learned about it right from the source, Bromium co-founder, Simon Crosby. It is beyond our powers to repeat this information accurately. But thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle, we don’t have to! You can read all about it by clicking this link:

Here’s how it all came about. On May 31 Duarte filmed an interview with Crosby on our white cyc for use on the Bromium home page. After he finished on-camera, Crosby very generously sat down with us to explain how Bromium technology works. His company is devoted to making all our electronic devices trustworthy without all the hassle of security software. Now that’s a goal we can understand and appreciate!

Duarte did their usual great job, as you can see on the Bromium home page:

The whole shoot went smoothly with the Marlowe-Pugnetti Company producing the job with their usual efficiency. They love shooting at 4th Street Studios for our convenient SOMA location. They also appreciate the ability to choose a white cyc, a green screen cyc, or a neutral background all in the same space.

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