For all those gaffers and lighting enthusiast out there who have been waiting for the right professional LED lighting system to come to market, FLOLIGHT now has it.   Here is your chance to see their new LED lighting system, as well as their highly acclaimed fluorescent lighting packages, in person.  FLOLIGHT will host a special lighting workshop showing off their great systems at the 4th Street Studios on April 20th. 4th Street Studios will begin rental and sales of Flolight gear so you’ll have the ability to try before you buy.

These lights work great for both still and video. And if you need to do both in the same shoot, there is no better system to acquire than the FLOLIGHT system.
• Professional Quality, High CRI, Video Lights

• Accurate 5600K, 3200K or BiColor

• Flicker-Free Fluorescent Lights
• Complete Video Lighting Kits


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