Gels and Smoke Transform Main Stage


Director John Lymberg (on left) Fine-Tuning Lighting for Dramatic Ninja Action Sequence (on right).

Group Delphi made good use of our 30′ x 60′ main stage to create a mysterious, smoky atmosphere  for a forthcoming ninja video game promo. Our roomy stage accommodated smoke machines, crew, lighting and plenty of space for dueling ninjas.

Director John Lymberg ensured the proper atmosphere, switching from red gels to blue gels to get just the right ambiance. By a happy coincidence, a porcelain mask we keep in our model’s room was a perfect “face” for the hooded figure below. We were happy to donate its use in creating this very menacing character!

Mysterious Hooded Figure Shrouded in Smoke

Red and blue, fire and ice–interesting change from the usual green screen productions that film here!

Motionless Ninja Anticipates Next Action Sequence.


Following the action sequences, the stage got re-set to normal green screen configuration to film SFX shots of dripping blood and spatters. Also silhouette shots of sword action.

We can’t wait to see the final version of this exciting promo!

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