Got Milk? Nursing Moms Love 4th Street Studios

Producer Carie Ferreira McGrane with breast pump kit.

When video producer Carie Ferreira McGrane was booked by Oracle to produce video interviews for Open World she was faced with the working nursing mom’s dilemma: how to manage pumping milk for her infant while managing her job. Where would she find a secluded place with access to electricity at impersonal Moscone Center?

Happily for Carie, Oracle booked 4th Street Studios instead. It turns out that our Producer’s Suite is the perfect solution to her dilemma. It is sound-proofed, so the sound of the machine isn’t a distraction. It has wireless internet access and an intercom system for keeping connected. It has a video feed from the sound stage, if Carie had needed to direct the production while pumping. The door locks, ensuring privacy. And it’s comfortable, with ample electrical outlets and soft lighting.

Thanks to Carie, we at 4th Street Studios can now offer a unique benefit: a lactation room for nursing moms!


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