Kontent Films Produces Sony PS Stills on 4th St. White Cyc

Jumping high for Sony PlayStation Stills

Everyone on set enjoyed the energy of the young performers demonstrating killer moves for the Sony PlayStation.


Producer Teri Heyman from Kontent Films (www.kontentfilms.com) assembled a great team for this still photo shoot on 4th Street Studios’ white cyc.


Making sure the talent looked their best was in the capable hands of makeup artist Deborah Czerwinski. Stylist Kerri Kerls filled the Velcro Gallery with a vast wardrobe selection. Joe Mendoza and crew wrangled gear and kept things loose by shooting baskets into our own 10′ high basketball hoop and Bauer’s Catering (www.bauerscnc.com) satisfied every appetite with their sumptuous lunches and abundant craft services.

Deborah & Donayle styling Kylee's hair in the Models' dressing room
Just try to resist these delicious tarts! Impossible!


Velcro Gallery transformed into wardrobe room.
Joe Mendoza goes for a basket on our super-high hoop.

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