Special Effects For Indie Film Shot on Our White Cyc & Green Screen Stage

Independent filmmaker Vincent Gargiulo is a wildly inventive satirist. His new film, “KNFR From 7:00 – 7:30” is a 30 minute parody of an 80’s children’s show (including very funny commercials). He recently filmed scenes here at 4th Street Studios forspecial effects to be added in post-production

Gargiulo does a lot of filming on the streets of San Francisco, but that wouldn’t do for this concept. The SFX scenes on this film had to be shot on a professional stage. At 4th Street Studios he found the perfect stage to shoot all three backgrounds he needed: white cyc, green screen stage and black backdrop.

Colorful characters and creative props took their places on set and sang along to Gargiulo’s original score.   “In My Dream I Was Renting A Truck” has young actor Samuel Moore confronting Kabari Jackson behind a giant birthday cake. The wizard is played by the maestro himself, Vincent Gargiulo.

The song “Sweet Maria” features a three-character band. The polar bear is played by jazz drummer Roberta Drake, who has recorded soundtracks for other Gargiulo films. The other characters in the band–a raisin and a chicken are played by guitarists Katie Rivers and Michael Mehan. The petite go-go dancer was played by Jennifer Smith and Kimba Anderson played the Wizard.



4th Street Studios is delighted to play a role in bringing Gargiulo’s vision to life.

You can learn more about Vincent Gargiulo on his website: www.vincentgargiulo.com Search for him on YouTube for more samples of his work.

As Vince and his gang found out, 4th Street Studios’ great SOMA location is also perfect for a walk-away lunch at near by restaurants. Eateries from deluxe to down home are within easy walking distance. Or we’ll happily provide the best caterers and craft services right here.

4th Street Studios is also darned easy to get to. Convenient freeway access is literally 1/2 block away. The CalTrain station is only two blocks away. San Francisco’s public transit is also nearby.

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