Rockbridge Productions Ignites a “Bonfire”

What a party it was! Rockbridge Productions in partnership with 4th Street Studios and the Velcro Gallery hosted an Launch party for Dan Curcio’s new album, Bonfire  and Jeff  Del Nero’s Art Exhibition.

The main green screen stage/white cyc studio was softly illuminated by paper lanterns and fairy lights.  It was the perfect setting for the performance and launch of Dan Curcio’s new album “Bonfire.” Dan’s work is a beautiful mix of folk, rock and soul. He began his set performing original songs and then segued into covers of favorite songs that had the crowd singing along.

In his blog, Dan talks about his work: “It was the wide variety of incredible albums that I heard growing up that gave me this intense desire to play music for a living because I wanted to share the feeling that those artists gave me. But whether you rip/stream my new album for free or spare a Hamilton towards it, please PLAY IT LOUD (or at least pretty loud and preferably on a decent stereo system) and listen from beginning to end. If I never make substantial money from this, I just want to know that a good handful of people heard my records how they were intended to be heard. “



Jeff Del Nero’s wonderful exhibition filled the Velcro Gallery with brilliant color. He exhibited work in a variety of media including oil paintings, prints on paper and canvas and a signed limited edition lithograph. Jeff attended Art Center College of Design with a major in commercial art. But his love prevailed when he decided to focus his energy on painting the images that were personally compelling for him. Jeff talks about the pieces in the show:

“Currently, I am working on a series of paintings symbolically depicting different eras of labor, from manual labor and industrial labor and now with technological labor. All have the theme of and about “the curse” taken from Genesis 3, verse 19 – “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Also I have some landscapes that have industrial overtones. I have always loved landscape, and they usually include the works of man; roads, poles, furrows, buildings, etc.”Rockbridge also booked local favorite, Natalie Hawkins, to open for Curcio. Natalie blogged about the experience:Being on stage as yourself, as opposed to following a script, is a completely contrasting experience. Interpreting the work of others is, without a doubt, a very rewarding experience, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my life than I did after opening for Dan Curcio at his album release party this past weekend.

4th Street Studios was a great venue for the two events with art lovers and music lovers appreciating the work of three talented artists.

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