The Amazing Multi-Purpose Producer’s Suite

Props & Wardrobe Take Over Producer's Suite

We work with creative people, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when our clients find interesting ways to use our producer’s suite. It’s soundproofed. It has video feed from the stage. Multiple power outlets and wireless internet add the final touch for productivity. We envisioned it as a haven for producers to stay in touch with the stage while being able to make their phone calls and manage all aspects of the production.

The exciting development is all the OTHER uses we hadn’t foreseen: green room, wardrobe room, even lactation room!

Today’s outlier is Teri Cundell, the genius who created the on-line Propville Directors. She’s filled the room with amazing props and wardrobe for a Studio B Films shoot.

So for today, forget Producer’s Suite. It’s Wardrobe, please! Next week? Who knows!

For more about Propville Directory and Dog & Pony show, go here:

For more about Studio B go here:






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