Trending: Clean White Backgrounds on White Cyc

Jasper Hiatt and Tomiko Lee from Duarte Design Inc. needed a San Francisco stage with a white cyc to film Apple presenters. Our white cyc was the perfect solution. We’ve seen Apple’s influence in the increasing number of agencies choosing white backgrounds instead of green screen. Duarte Design is a welcome addition to the many agencies who have shot Apple productions at 4th Street Studios.

Diane Wilcox on set. Tom Chandler at camera.

Duarte’s client, Apple Project Manager, Diane Wilcox soon saw the benefits of bringing her presenters to our SOMA location. First, it was easy for them to get here because of our conveient access to CalTrain and freeways I-280, I-101 and I-80. ┬áSecond, they were away from office distractions. Third, 4th Street is a very pleasant place to be (if we do say so ourselves).

Director Brian Pugnetti on set.

Director Brian Pugnetti originally green-lighted the 4th Street Studios location. He immediately saw that our intimate stage was the perfect environment for the Duarte production. Pugnetti worked closely with DP Tom Chandler and Gaffer Thomas Spingola to craft the lighting. Vicki deMey and Robert Strong from Marlowe-Pugnetti were the tech support team. Sound tech Gerry Berkowitz used our portable sound walls to good effect.

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