Velcro Gallery Transformed to Hip Design Studio

Props for Marcello Martino Interview

Instead of using our white cyc or the green screen stage, Tencue Productions decided to “build” a design studio for London-based eyewear/interior designer Marcello Martino in the Velcro Gallery. Proving that imagination trumps reality, producer Peter Dippery and his team created a very convincing work space to show Marcello being interviewed about how he uses Autodesk in his design work. The Velcro Gallery, which doubles as a video village for most productions, proved to be the perfect blank slate. With a minimum of props and skillful lighting, Marcello looked right at home.


The interview followed Marcello’s work process to design his super hip eyeware. Using Autodesk means he can create and refine his vision to the his high standards.

Marcello Martino in "his" design studio.

Here at 4th Street Studios we applaud Autodesk’s decision to bring Marcello to San Francisco to film his interview instead of flying an entire crew to London. Gabrielle Friedly Marketing Communications Manager, AutoCAD product Line, represented Autodesk at the shoot.

Sound tech Dean Miller made our day when he commented, “I love working in this great sound stage.” Our sentiments exactly!

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