What’s Inside The Black Box at 4th Street Studios? It’s The MirrorCam™!



When Square, Inc. booked our white cyc for their video production, we had no idea they would build a large 3-sided black box with gray seamless serving as the 4th wall. They then placed a black cubbyhole inside. The cubbyhole housed a MirrorCam, a small table and director’s chair for Director Justin Lomax.

The subject speaks directly into the camera, with the MirrorCammounted on it. There they saw Justin, their colleague at Square talking to them. The enclosure screened out distractions, making the subjects more comfortable.

The great documentary filmmaker Errol Morris popularized direct to camera interviews with his creation, the Interrotron.  The MirrorCam gives the same effect. It connects two teleprompters, each fed the video signals of the opposite camera. The subject sees the face of the interviewer and vice versa. They simply have a one-on-one conversation over video.

Ultimately the audience feels like it’s in the conversation, not just eavesdropping.

At 4th Street Studios we love seeing gear we haven’t seen used before. Neil Tanner supplied the MirrorCamfor this production. This was the first time we’d seen it, and we can’t wait to see the final cut!

We can wholeheartedly endorse our client’s product. Square, Inc. has been our merchant services provider for over a year, and we love the service. Check them out at www.squareup.com

For more information about  The MirrorCam  go to  www.neiltanner.com



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