Winners of Business Card Drawing at 4th Street Studios’ ReAnimation Gala!

We’re excited to announce the four lucky winners of big-ticket prizes at the 4th Street Studios ReAnimation Gala on June 2, 2011. ¬†And the prizes and winners are:

1) Free one-day studio rental.

  • Winner: Thom Wineland at Pix + Stones

2) Free one pre-lit green screen rental.

  • Winner: Melody Crawford at Indigo Films

3) Free craft services for one rental day.

  • Winner: Elisabeth Fogli of Corvid Films

4) One signed fine art print from Mel Lindstrom’s Burning Man series.

  • Winner: John E. Thompson at Wells Fargo’s Creative Services Video & Multimedia department.

Congratulations to all the winners! We thank you for attending the ReAnimation Gala and look forward to your collecting your prizes.

Contact Stage Manager Robin Allen for details (415) 593-7755.

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