Yes! Shoot a car on our green screen cyc!

Civic Engine really put our big Main Stage to the test in their recent greenscreen shoot. The back end of the stage served as a staging area all theĀ  props required for six different scenes, ranging from a park bench to a medical setting. Even with all those props and heavy lighting, there was plenty of room for every scene on the green screen cyc.

The biggest prop was a Mini Cooper, the brand famously featured in the movie, The Italian Job. No problem! Room to spare! Gaffer Dick Favro did his masterful job of lighting our green screen cyc, creating a grid then tweaking and adjusting the fill lights for each scene.

Behind the Big Red camera, Art Director Charles Denison, DP Colin McAuliffe and Red Tech operator, Wynn Padula ensured that every scene was shot at the highest quality possible.

Civic Engine’s post-production wizardry will take full advantage of green screen technology to add magic to every scene. Can’t wait to see the final film! Check out their work at

Here are some behind-the-scene pictures of their production.

Four Scenes from Civic Engine Shoot
Four Scenes--Mini Cooper, CT Scan, iPad-Living Room, Park Bench


Crew Positioning Mini Cooper on Greenscreen Stage
Action! DP Colin McAuliffe filming CT Scan Scene.
Filming the Park Bench/Smart Phone Scene

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